Racing Legends: Max Verstappen by Maurice Hamilton. Illus. by Cat Sims

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Racing Legends: Lewis Hamilton by Maurice Hamilton.  Illus. by Cat Sims. ISBN 9781035035137

Young diehard fans of the Australian Formula One (F1) Grand Prix that takes place at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia will enjoy these accessible reads about racing legends Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Set out in a novel format with illustrations throughout, these books give plenty of facts and figures for racing fanatics.

Beginning with a coloured photograph of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on their respective covers, the books then have a detailed contents section beginning with an Introduction to Formula One sharing interesting facts about the race including the astonishing detail that the cars can race up to speeds of 320 kph, and that the drivers are incredibly special and brave.

The drivers are introduced in Chapter One, with further facts spread through the books, and both have amazing stories to tell. Lewis Hamilton is the only Black driver in the F1 series and the most successful driver ever with 103 wins. He has won seven World Championships and has been racing F1 since 2007. In 2020 Hamilton was knighted by Prince Charles and became Sir Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen is the youngest driver at 17 to have ever started in and to ever win a F1 Grand Prix. Both of his parents raced cars with his mum racing karts. Racing was in his blood!

Each of the racing legends have had a full and interesting life to date and these two new releases will provide plenty of engagement for young readers who are fans of F1. There are illustrations throughout with tables, diagrams, maps, comparison facts, highlighted key words, F1 terminology as well as the opportunity to learn about what goes on behind the scenes.

Coming soon are two more books in the series featuring Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris. These books are perfectly pitched at those often reluctant students who prefer fact over fiction with illustrations to break up text and are sport enthusiasts.

Themes: Racing Cars, Drivers, Family, Competition, Biography.

Kathryn Beilby