The farmer in the dell sung by The Topp Twins

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Ill. Jenny Cooper. Scholastic, 2015. ISBN 9781775431954
(Age: 4-7) Recommended. Folk song, Dancing, Rhyming song. The old rhyming song gets a new lease of life in this book with lively illustrations, adding another level of humour to an already funny song.
A CD inside the back cover will entreat younger readers to listen in and follow the words while the illustrations will fill them with admiration as they watch the antics of the farmer and his wife and the range of animals and friends on the farm. Illustrations inside the back cover will help younger readers learn some dance steps, and encourage the whole class to dance along with the music.
The book also includes a music sheet for those with some basic musical ability. The whole is an infectious, funny read, a treat to entice children to sing along and dance with, a marvel of illustrative technique to drool over and a plethora of animals to learn about as they sing their way around the farm. This is another in a group of books being published by Scholastic, reprising older sing a-long songs which have been neglected including, There's a hole in the bucket, She'll be coming round the mountain and Do your ears hang low.
Fran Knight