Every move by Ellie Marney

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The Every series, Bk 3. Allen & Unwin, 2015. ISBN 9781743318539
(Age: 14+) Highly recommended. Sherlock Holmes, Crime, Investigation. Page turning, highly readable and most entertaining, the story of Rachel Watts and Mycroft continues as their investigations into the deaths of his parents eight years ago brings them to the brink of being killed themselves. After the thrilling episode in Britain in Every word, where the two were kidnapped and tortured, this has them back in Melbourne, the scene of the first of this engrossing trilogy, Every breath. DS Pickup reacquaints himself when two murders are committed, the victims being look a likes for Rachel and Mycroft. Wild is still following their movements and when Mycroft's eighteenth birthday comes around, his aunt gives him a letter from his parents, one they hoped would never be opened. With Mycroft realising what danger they are in, the letter reveals more leads to untangle, and they must decide whether they follow them.
A ripening relationship between Rachel and Mycroft is interrupted by the presence of Harris, a friend of Rachel's brother, Mike, recently come to Melbourne from the country town where they all lived. He helps Rachel overcome her nightmares and fears following her torture, and his interest in her sees some three way conflict adding sauce to the story. Mycroft's letter contains clues as to who murdered his parents, so Rachel takes it into her hands to force this person into the open with dire results. Results which mean the three must dampen their differences and work together to survive.
This is a highly engrossing crime fiction series for young adults, one I was sorry to see end, but I will look forward to any new books by this new author.
Fran Knight