High voltage by Kensy and Max 8. Jacqueline Harvey

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Kensy and her twin brother Max, and their family head to Portugal for a holiday. Kensy’s family have a secret, they are agents for Pharos, a secret company.  Their grandmother Cordelia is the head of the agency and she is adamant that while they are on holiday, they are not to investigate anything. It is a family holiday and nothing else.

Before heading on holiday Max, Kensy their dad and Fitz need to retrieve Max’s notebook that was left at the house of Magoo MacGregor. They have a close shave but manage to recover the notebook. The holiday starts off being relaxing, but as it goes on different members of the family end up looking into strange things that seem to be occurring in relation to Wolf Racing. Kensy and Max witness a kidnapping, they then spend some time trying to work out why the person was kidnapped and where they were taken.  They manage to locate where she is being held and with help from their mother who is a retired agent manage to free her and ensure that the people who are trying to sabotage Wolf Racing don’t succeed with their plan.

This is a fun book with several twists that all come together in the end. The code at the start of each chapter adds to the enjoyment of this book.

I highly recommend this book.

Themes: Investigations, Motor racing, Portugal.

Karen Colliver