Bluey: Baby race by Bluey

cover image

Another book from the very popular TV show, Bluey: Baby race will appeal to children because of the familiarity of the characters and settings. Adults reading the story to toddlers will also appreciate the message that the book contains: that each child and parent will need to run their own race – it is not a competition to be the first to crawl or walk. The very attractive cover gives a hint to the book’s contents, showing four different dog parents and their offspring, dressed in nappies, each baby at a different stage of development, Bluey crawling, while another one takes confident steps and others try to toddle.

The  illustrations are full of bright colours and happy faces and siblings will delight in tracing the development of Bluey as he learns to crawl and walk and compare his adventures to how they learnt to crawl and walk as well. This book is a fun read and should prove popular with Bluey fans.

Themes: Competitions, Infants, Child development.

Pat Pledger