Zoom : Space adventure by Susan Hayes. Illus. by Susanna Rumiz

cover image

Ava is all set to go off on an adventure into space. The young reader or listener will be intrigued with the cut-out of the rocket ship that launches with both her and her little white cat aboard. The climb of the many stairs that show the preparations that take place before lift-off will grab attention. What will happen next?

Ava is an engaging character and children will love the little cat that also peers out the window of the rocket ship. The colourful illustrations give much information about space travel, the objects found in space and the activities that take place there. Not only is information given about a rocket launch, but Ava docks at the International Space Station to drop off supplies, repairs a solar panel during a spacewalk and collects samples on the Moon. Then off to the Solar System to see the Sun and eight planets that travel around it, as well as the Curiosity Rover on Mars and an asteroid belt. Finally, in a wonderful last pop-up, there is a supernova exploding.

This a very informative board book, the fairly sparse text giving a very good overview of space exploration and the solar system for young readers. It also is very sturdy and will withstand much handling. The cut-outs will provide fun for small fingers and children are sure to love finding that cute little cat on every double page spread.

Themes: Space flight, Rockets, Space stations, Moon, Solar system, Mars, Imagination.

Pat Pledger