Tiny Timmy: On holiday by Tim Cahill

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Tiny Timmy series, book 8. Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742997650
Fun for all ages, especially 7-9 year-olds. Recommended. Easy to read. The Tiny Timmy series is a light fun-filled series with plenty of heart. Written by Australian Soccer champion Tim Cahill, this is a series for little battlers with big dreams. Tiny Timmy is not a natural when it comes to football, but he is super keen and willing to practice - eventually becoming a valuable member of his local team, the Lions.
With school holidays approaching Tiny Timmy is super excited as he has been planning on going to soccer camp. This would mean seeing his 'friends' and getting to play 'every' day. To his dismay Dad informs the family they are going away on an 'island holiday'. While Timmy thinks the holiday sounds like a lot of fun, he is worried that he'll lose all his soccer skills. So, can Timmy stay sharp while he is away?
In this eighth book, the storyline is about being a team player, trying your best and not giving up. It is great for both boys and girls interested in soccer as it has lots of hints and terms related to soccer. It will also appeal to fans of the Wimpy Kid and Weirdo with its similar style.
Simple drawings add to the appeal. The story is applicable to many situations in life, outside of sport as well.
Donna Isgar