Light seekers by Femi Kayode

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Dr Philip Taiwo has been asked to delve into the killings that have become known as the Okriki Three”. His studies into racial crimes in the US earned him his Masters and a Doctorate. Now back in his native Nigeria a rich, influential and bereaved father wants answers and perhaps revenge.

When flying to begin his mission he meets his first and by no means last warning that his job will be fraught with difficulties and antagonism. He is met at the airport by Chika, who will be his driver, mentor and sounding board.

The Okriki Three” were three students from the nearby university who were suspected of theft by the locals of Okriki, were set upon beaten and then necklaced”. All of which was recorded on phones by bystanders. Philip Taiwo is at a disadvantage because he has been away in the States and is unaware of many of the developments in Nigeria particularly in rural areas.

The case is now three years old and the police, the university and the populace of Okriki have no desire to reopen old wounds. Philip and Chika are looked on with suspicion. They are foreigners. When their investigation becomes clear that suspicion turns to anger, aggression and puts them in grave danger.

Light Seekers is Femi Kayodes first novel and his settings give the plot a new dimension. The tensions he reveals, political, racial, religious and social give an insight into a country we know very little about. As his narrative unfolds so do the complexities of life for ordinary Nigerians alongside their search for their rightful place in society. This in the end also leads to their propensity to be used by those who can manipulate. Unfortunately this has become so much easier with social media being accessible to all.

Kayode has written a crime thriller which keeps the reader thinking and wanting to know more right to the end. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Themes: Nigeria, Crime fiction, Murder.

Fran Knight