Kensy and Max : Take down by Jacqueline Harvey

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The seventh book in this very popular middle primary school aged series does not disappoint its readers. Take Down by Jacqueline Harvey is full of secrets, excitement, danger and heart-racing endings. The twins, Kensy and Max, are now twelve and well on their way to becoming very accomplished secret agents. In this story we find that their beloved grandmother and Head of Pharos, Dame Cordelia Spencer, has been poisoned by a Soviet-issue toxin. She is in a coma and the family and other close agents gather around her. The twins are forced to stay with their Headmaster, Magoo and his wife Tippie as their parents are leading a team of agents to find the perpetrator of this dastardly dead. They are not happy but make the most of the situation. Suspicion surrounds a trusted adult in their lives but the agents are having trouble believing this. Added to the worry for the twins is the fact that their school has just won a STEM competition for the United Kingdom and will take part in the world-wide finale in Singapore. The twins are encouraged to go but danger follows them there and they are trapped in some difficult and tense situations. Their ever-growing problem solving skills, common sense and bravery, and with support from their loyal and trustworthy friends allows the twins to help solve a dangerous situation.

This is a great read that fans of the series will not want to put down. As always the ending is not neatly wrapped up and another book is to follow.

Themes: Singapore, STEM Competitions, Adventures, Mystery, Spies, Friendship, Problem Solving, Spy School for children, Danger.

Kathryn Beilby