No matter who we're with by Robert Vescio

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Ill. by Cheri Scholten. IP Kidz; Australia: 2013. ISBN: 9781922120212.
One for the Wellbeing shelf, or the Counsellor's library. At time when more and more children are experiencing their parents separating and learning to cope with shared custody arrangements, this book offers comfort whilst acknowledging some of the difficulties of living between two houses.
Written after the author's own separation the story reflects on the fun things the children do with each loving parent: The trips to the pool and beach, watching movies and dress-up, games, gardening and cooking. The warm colours used in the illustrations reflect the joy experienced by the children whilst the occasional more sombre expression reminds us of the missing parent.
The message is reaffirmed that regardless of the situation that missing one parent whilst with the other is OK, and that you can still love both parents regardless of where they live.
This book would be a useful tool to support children struggling with split homes and a definite addition to the School Counsellor's library.
Sue Keane