Now you see me, now you don't by Silvia Borando

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Walker Books, 2016. ISBN 9781406364217
(Ages: 2-7) Wordless, Camouflage/Visibility, Colour, Animals. This is an English translation of a 2013 Italian publication and part of the Minibombo series (little book buzzing with a big idea). The website has information, activities and games related to the books that could be used or adapted for the classroom. The big idea in this book is colour and camouflage/visibility. There are the same animals and configuration on each page, with the landscape and colour of the background changing each time (green grass, orange autumn leaves, blue sky, etc.). So on each page one or more of the animals is camouflaged with the background (blue bird blends in with the blue sky, grey mouse with the stony ground, etc.) and only their eyes or other differently coloured features can be seen. The animals are not all naturally coloured and life-like or this concept wouldn't work. They are all block colours and there is a purple elephant and a pink rabbit. Most of the others are their general colour (eg. green crocodile, brown bear and grey mouse). The book will encourage conversations about what animal cannot be seen on each page and why. There is no other text so it relies on children and parents to talk about and interact with the book. This is a useful resource for teachers to use when discussing colour and the concept of camouflage. It could be used as a starting point for camouflage activities and artwork. The last spread also provides for great discussion as the background is black and now none of the animals (except for their eyes) can be seen. There is also a chameleon that is only seen on the first page.
Nicole Nelson