Noisy Tom : A book about communicating by Jane Martino. Illus. by Annie White

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No matter what he does, Tom is noisy. There is not an activity that he does that is not accompanied by boisterous, enthusiastic sound effects. "When I'm playing, noise just spills out of me. "

But one day at the park when he sees two girls playing on the swings and not making any noise at all, he is puzzled. When he asks them whether they enjoyed the swings because they did not make a sound, they tell him that they enjoy the feel of the movement, the sensation of the cold air on their faces and although Tom also enjoys that, he is still confused.

Although he learns that there are lots of ways to express your feelings, loudly and quietly, and it is different for each person, for him loud wins.

This is the third in this eries that focuses on young children, enabling them to understand their feelings and responses and be a pre-emptive strike towards positive mental health. Our youngest readers will enjoy its exuberance and will see themselves either as Tom or one of the quieter characters. Most importantly, they will begin to understand that being different is OK and being yourself is paramount.

Themes: Communication, Sound, Emotions, Self confidence.

Barbara Braxton