Boss ladies of science by Phillip Marsden

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Author and illustrator Phillip Marsden has written a second book following on from the success of Boss Ladies of Sport. This brightly illustrated and informative non-fiction book is once again presented in a picture book style with each page presenting a short paragraph about the female scientist, a graphic-style illustration, and a personal quote from the scientist.

Scientists from all fields of Science are discussed including Dr Merritt Moore from the USA who is a quantum physicist, Dr Catherine Green and Professor Sarah Gilbert are British vaccinologists and Norwegian Dr May-Britt Moser who is neuroscientist. Professor Veena Sahajwalia is an inventor and materials scientist from India now living in Australia and is passionate about recycling. Also residing in Australia, is British-born Professor Michelle Simmons who was Australian of the Year in 2018 and believes that ‘Women think differently and that diversity is invaluable’. Both these scientists join well known Australian scientists, Professor Emma Johnston, a marine biologist, Professor Fiona Wood, a world-famous plastic surgeon, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn who partnered with Dr Carol Greider to win a Nobel Peace Prize and Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley who advises the government on all thing’s science related. In the author’s words… 'this makes her the Boss Lady of Science for the whole country.'

The appeal of this book is the diversity amongst the scientists who are from all over the world. They have excelled in their chosen fields and offer young readers an insight into what it might be possible to accomplish. In the words of Kirsten Banks, an Indigenous Australian astrophysicist, 'I want to show everyone that you can achieve your dream no matter what!'

Themes: Science, Women, Dreams, Curiosity, Problem-solving.

Kathryn Beilby