Oi cat! by Kes Gray and Jim Field

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Hodder, 2017. ISBN 9781444932515
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Cats, Rhyme. Oi frog and Oi dog, the previous books in this wonderfully subversive series, tell us that the rules are simple: cats do not sit on mats and dogs do not sit on frogs. These rules have come of course, from the frog, so the cat must now find another rhyming word that can be used for him to sit on, the phrase, 'the cat sat on the mat' being terribly passe.
The obvious answer is gnats, but readers will quickly surmise that the cat is upset by the nasty nipping gnats and so must move on to another rhyming word. So the fun and games continue, with rhyming words being offered, but all being found wanting. Lark belongs to shark, and armadillo to pillow, dogs sit on logs, lemurs on streamers, and trolls sit on dolls. The very funny illustrations underline the humour of the text and readers will laugh out loud at the ludicrous pairings offered, as well as the animals and lists of rhyming words.
The dog seems to be most interested in the cat's bottom, causing readers to shriek with laughter, as they well know that dogs and cats do sniff around this particular part of other animal's anatomy, and they will laugh too at the different meanings for the word bat or the pageful of rhyming words for cat. All in all the book offers immense fun for the readers who will predict, laugh and engage with this highly amusing text accompanied by wonderful illustrations. And the lift the flap on the last page will be infectious, readers wanting to take turns at finding out what is beneath the flap. Have your whiteboard marker ready for all the suggested rhyming words which will be offered.
Fran Knight