Toffee apple by Peter Combe

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Ill. by Danielle McDonald. Contains CD. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781760275082
(Ages: 2+) Recommended. Peter Combe's 'Toffee apple' album won the 1988 ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album after its release to great success in 1987. Generations of Aussie parents and grandparents who enjoyed singing along to Combe's songs as children, can now share them with their young family members. This fun picture book includes three songs - 'Toffee apple', 'Newspaper mama' and 'Err yuck!'
Danielle McDonald's bold digital illustrations fill each page with colourful scenes and an array of comical animals in humourous scenes. 'Don't forget to clean your teeth' sings the mouse as it brushes a crocodile's molars. Imagine the surprising situations that unfold as the newspaper is delivered to a penguin's igloo, a panda's bamboo hut and a magpie's tree house! The text changes style, size, colour, some is highlighted, and the position changes from page to page to encourage the development of reading skills and engagement with the lyrics.
Peter Combe's songs are fun to share with families and classes. Toffee apple joins these previously published favourites, Wash your face in orange juice and Juicy, juicy green grass.
Rhyllis Bignell