Superman : Dawnbreaker by Matt De La Pena

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Random House, 2019. ISBN: 9780141386867.
(Age: 10+) Recommended. Themes: Science fiction, Superheroes, Good and evil. Having grown up with superman movies and comics set in the 50s, I found this version very refreshing as it is set in current times. Mobile phones and laptops are common and there is no mention of phone boxes anywhere.
Clark Kent is 17 and still discovering what he is capable of. New powers seem to manifest themselves during times of need or stress, though he sometimes lacks complete control over them.
In this well written and easy to read novel, Clark learns that he is not of this world and while he wrestles with the implications of being an alien and the super powers he possesses, he comes to realise that he has a purpose and responsibility to earth and its people. All this as he deals with the normal teenage issues of first love, friendships and High school. He and his close friends uncover an evil plot to take control of the most vulnerable in his town and turn them into monsters against their will. This ends with Clark having to show his true self in front of the people of Smallville to save his friends and the day; an exciting fight ensues including bombs, guns and taking control of a helicopter all described in vivid detail.
In this book you will learn about some of his special powers and how he discovers them. What his costume and cape is made of, its own special powers and why he definitely needs it. He meets Lex Luther for the first time in this novel, although Clark is always suspicious of his motives they are working together in this story. But Lex is destined to become one of Clark's most formidable adversaries.
I enjoyed reading this story as I learned a lot about Superman and what he can do and how he came to adopt his principles of trying to avoid killing anyone at all costs. It kept me interested and entertained and I would recommend it to anyone 10 years and older.
Joyce Crawford