Bluey : All about Bingo by Bluey

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Penguin, 2020. ISBN: 9781760898298.
(Age: Preschool - 5) Recommended. Fans of the very popular Bluey TV series have another treat in this thick sturdy board book with lots of information about Bingo. With readers being so familiar with the TV characters, they will readily relate to details about Bingo who is a red heeler and 4 years old.
The illustrations are bright and colourful and the warmth of the family is evident not only in the text but in the drawings of the household. The scenes described in the book are ones that will resonate with young children as they are familiar not only from the TV show but from their own lives. The siblings are seen in their shared bedroom, with a large ball topped by a purple hat on Bluey's bed and Bingo can be seen playing with stickers while Bluey reads a book. They play outside and dance. Bingo loves to make up songs and her little song about poor little bug will be fun for children to sing. Curiosity and being adventurous are part of Bingo's personality but she knows that her mother will understand when she is sad.
The board book is shaped like Bingo, which adds to the fun for the reader. This is a great book that could be used to drag kids away from the screen and would be a perfect discussion starter about family life. Craft and colour activities are available.
Pat Pledger