Stanley's Christmas Adventure by Jeff Brown

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(Age: Suit beginning readers) Flat Stanley is back, just not flat this time.
The story begins with an introduction to Sarah Christmas, a likeable character with a dilemma to solve. Sarah's father is Santa, and he has decided he is not going to do the Christmas run this year. Knowing it must go ahead, Sarah uses a letter from Stanley as inspiration to try and save Christmas.
When Stanley and his family arrive in Snow Town (somewhere in the North Pole) they are faced with a disillusioned and disinterested Santa. In an age old take on the problems with the festive season, it is up to the Lambchops to convince Santa that the world is a place deserving of Christmas cheer. Can the Lambchops convince Santa that not everyone is greedy, and how do they prove that Stanley was once flat?
Young readers will enjoy this story, while hopefully receiving an unknown lesson about the true spirit of Christmas along the way.
Zana Thiele