Ori's Christmas by Anne Helen Donnelly

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Anne Helen Donnelly, 2017. ISBN 9780646969329
"Ori the Octopus is so happy to be celebrating Christmas with all his friends. But what happens when Ori's friends all want to do different things on this special day? " (Author)
A festive book where children can join in with the story, using simple and fun actions.
Ori's Christmas is the second book in the series, Ori the Octopus. It will resonate with children, especially at Christmas time with the ideals of sharing and compromise. On each page, there is a piece of text written in purple indicating the actions the children can perform to join in while the story is being read. With bright, eye catching illustrations, this book is very different to the traditional Christmas stories using a variety of creatures found in the sea. In the middle of the book, there are a number of Christmas decorations that can be coloured in. These can easily be removed without harming the book. The bonus addition of notes for parents and teachers is always popular. I could see this book being used as a short Christmas play within a classroom. Although not everyone's cup of tea, I think this will be a big seller at Christmas and would make a welcome addition to the school library collection or a great stocking filler.
Kathryn Schumacher