The ABC Kids guide to loving the Planet by Jaclyn Crupi and Cheryl Orsini

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The ABC Kids Guides are popular factual picture books for younger readers. This latest release in the series, Loving the Planet, looks at the main issue of caring for our world. The information is simply and carefully explained in small manageable paragraphs surrounded by bright and beautifully drawn illustrations. This book begins with information about our planet and how we can learn to take care of it. The gardening pages discuss growing vegetables, creating native gardens to attract bees and other insects, saving seeds, providing food and water for native birds and animals, the importance of worms and worm farms. There is useful information given about food waste and tips for using excess food including a recipe for creating fruity icy poles. Other topics covered include rubbish collection, saving energy, cooling and heating, lessening the usage of cars where possible, plastic waste, recycling, planting trees, re-wilding, using water carefully and climate change.

This book would be an excellent resource for teachers of younger students to use when exploring units of work on sustainability.

Themes: Caring for the World, Conservation, Climate Change, Environmental Issues, Making a Difference, Gardening.

Kathryn Beilby