The Witch's Britches by P Crumble

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Scholastic Australia, 2015. ISBN 9781760151539
(Age: 6+) Highly recommended. The Witch's Britches is a fun rhyming story that explains where the magic of a witch comes from - her britches! Ethel is a new witch and her packet of britches has arrived. Britches need to be kept clean or their magic doesn't work so Ethel washes them. Unfortunately it is a bit windy and the britches blow away. Can Ethel get her britches back or will mayhem occur?
Bright images accompany each rhyming couplet and bring a sense of fun to an already funny story. The text is simple and easy to read and is highly recommended to readers aged 6+. Use it in the classroom to introduce rhyming poems or recreate the story with another piece of clothing. Enjoy reading it out loud with your child, creating a song with the rhymes and rhythms of the language.
Kylie Kempster