A school day smile by Zanni Louise

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Ill. by Gillian Flint. Tiggy and the magic paintbrush series. Five Mile, 2018. ISBN 9781760680404
(Age: 5-6) Themes: First day at school. Friendship. It is Tiggy's first day at school, and although she is very independent, she uses her secret, magic paintbrush to paint on a confident smile. Unfortunately it also means she is silent! Making friends and communicating with your teacher is very hard with a 'painted' smile. Eventually she works out how to solve this problem.
It is written simply, for early independent readers, with simple cartoon style illustrations by Gillian Flint. This is not a chapter book (more like a miniature picture book), but it has a fun and appealing personality that will appeal to readers aged 5-6.
Carolyn Hull