InvestiGATORS: Heist and seek by John Patrick Green

cover image

Mango and Brash are at it again…but can they solve the case of the missing art pieces, before it is too late?

Heist and Seek is the sixth book in the extremely popular InvestiGATORS series, created by John Patrick Green. Filled with colourful cartoon style illustrations, this graphic novel is one that will grab your attention until the very end.

The fundraising gala for the art museum is fast approaching, and Mango and Brash are delivering rare artwork for the event. When they discover that pieces have mysteriously gone missing from their moving vehicle, this sounds a little bit suspicious. Who could have possible taken them, and how?

Mango and Brash think that this looks to be an inside job and it is going to need some quick thinking, super sleuths on the job. Thank goodness Mango and Brash are here! Both gators will need to go undercover as famous painters and artists to solve this crime. If they don’t solve this mystery fast, it is going to be a disaster because the art gallery cannot afford this catastrophe.

Can Mango and Brash work together to solve this heinous crime and save the art gallery from bankruptcy, or will things become too much for them?

John Patrick Green has again cracked the code for an engaging book. With an abundance of colour and an easy to follow lay out, it entertains and grabs the reader’s attention. Even though this is the sixth book in the series, you can get away with reading it first. You will probably get so hooked that you will want to read the other five books too!

Similar in humour and style to the highly popular Dav Pilkey’s DOGMAN and Cat Kid Comic Club, you won’t be disappointed! If you like fun, humour and lots of wisecracking jokes, then this is the book for you.

Themes: Detective work, Teamwork, Adventure, Art, Problem Solving.

Michelle O'Connell