Rockpooling with Pup by Kevin Brophy & Jules Ober

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Rockpooling with Pup is a wonderful introduction to rock pools and their hidden treasures for young children. Mia and Pup are on an adventurous exploration to find the blue rings belonging to the blue-ringed octopus who seems to be missing her rings. Along the journey, Mia and Pup encounter a crab, sea stars, sea urchins, kelp, anemones, snails, chitons and finally a hermit crab that reminds them that the tide is rising. When they get back to the blue-ringed octopus they find her rings have returned. Perhaps those rings were there all along!

Each full-page photograph is visually appealing and the simple informative text easily accessible for young readers. At the end of the book is further information about the sea creatures observed in the rock pools. On the final page is brief information about climate change threatening life in rock pools as well a plea to not touch and how to take action to protect the pools.

Themes: Sea Creatures, Rock Pools, Adventure, Exploration, Conservation & Environmental Issues.

Kathryn Beilby