Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant

cover image Random House, 2013.

Hoof Beat/Riding Camp. ISBN: 9780857981042.
Horse Wise/Rodeo Rider. ISBN: 9780857981059.
Starlight Christmas/Sea Horse. ISBN: 9780857981066.
Team Play/Horse Games. ISBN: 9780857981073.
Recommended for girls 8+. Yes, just when you thought you were safe from frenzied whinnying, head tossing and ponytail flicking from the little horse-mad girls in your library, along come a whole saddlebag full of new Saddle Club adventures. Attractively presented with very contemporary covers and two complete stories in each volume, these will no doubt be trotting - or even cantering - off your shelves in short order as soon as they are spotted.
Carole, Lisa and Stevie are the Saddle Club members, their friendship forged by bonds of their shared love of horses and riding together at Pine Hollow Stables.
Their adventures in these volumes include their first rodeo, holidays spent apart but with individual excitements such as Carole's Christmas present bay gelding Starlight, a new Pony Club at the stables, visits from an Italian riding team and loads more.
Perhaps not the most highbrow of reading but enjoyed endlessly by all those girls who long to have their very own horse as well as those who are lucky enough to already own one, over the years I have seen this series borrowed over and over again.
We all need our 'chill time' when we can pick up what I refer to as 'lolly' books and just read without having to think too deeply.
Sue Warren