Meet the Piratesons by Knife and Packer

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Scholastic, 2014. ISBN 9781742836706.
(Age: 10+) What looks like a pirate, talks like a pirate and lives on a pirate ship in the middle of Freak St? The Piratesons of course! It is another instalment of weird and wonderful families in the Freak St series. Meet the Piratesons is full of bright illustrations and easy to read text. It is an engaging novel for girls and boys aged 10+.
Fancy living on a pirate ship and looking for lost treasure? Well, Mr Pirateson is in search of the lost gold underpants - a family treasure - and he has finally found the treasure map.
Children will enjoy reading about the family's adventures as they look for the treasure and the modern links - like a skateboard loving sister - make it a relatable story for children.
Kylie Kempster