10 naughty numbats by Grace Nolan. Illus. by Nancy Bevington

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An easy to read catalogue of Australian animals numbering from one to ten will quieten the loudest of kids as they get into the rhythm of the words, predicting the last line of each double sentence, learning to recite lines along with the reader and laughing at the antics of the animals illustrated with such humour and panache.

From one playful platypus, to wobbly wombats and perky possums, the alliteration will also draw readers' attention as they note the repetition of the first letter. Prediction, repetition, alliteration will be learnt as children read this poem, using familiar Australian animals.

Some may not have heard of some of the animals, so they will learn about a few beyond their experience and ask questions about them.

The colourful images of the clothed animals will have readers laughing out loud as they spot the swans with their water wings, the echidnas in glasses, koalas in pyjamas.

And learning to count to ten will be made much fun by looking for the animals on each page. At the end of the book are a few pages asking questions of the reader, having them show what they have learnt.

Themes: Counting, Australian animals, Verse.

Fran Knight