All about the heart by Dr Remi Kowalski. Illus. by Tonia Composto

cover image

All About the Heart is the first narrative non-fiction book in a series about the body for younger readers. Written by an Australian paediatric cardiologist, Dr Remi Kowalski, this book clearly explains what the heart is, its importance, how it functions and how it can be looked after.

The significance of the heart is emphasised in the opening pages. This is followed by information about the hearts of other creatures as well as the different sizes. Octopuses have three hearts, earthworms have five, and the blue whale’s heart is the largest of all animals and weighs up to 500kg. Many of the pages begin with a question such as: Does your heart ever take a break? and What does it do when you run? All of the answers given, and the general information shared is easily accessible for younger readers. The large, clear graphic-style diagrams and images in colours of red, pink and blue complement the text perfectly.

This is a fascinating book that will enable children of all ages to gain a greater understanding this precious organ. A wonderful resource for a school or public library.

Themes: Heart, Facts, Taking Care.

Kathryn Beilby