Out of the pouch by Laura Hamilton. Illus. By Nandina Vines

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Poppy is an inquisitive joey who likes nothing better than to explore the bush outside her pouch. She heads off, zig zagging all over the place until she realises she has wandered too far away from her mummy. Poppy becomes anxious and worried and begins a search to find her. She asks some other bush creatures for help along the way and the kookaburra, koala and echidna are all friendly but too busy eating so are no help to Poppy at all. Thankfully the yellow-crested cockatoo has seen Poppy’s mummy searching for her and leads Poppy on a journey to safety.

This book is a thoughtful and gentle read with gorgeous illustrations. Children may be able to identify with that big feeling of worry when they may have lost the adult who is looking after them.

Themes: Australian Animals, Australian Bush, Being Lost & Found.

Kathryn Beilby