Butterfly Wishes : The wishing wings by Jennifer Castle

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Bloomsbury, 2018. ISBN 9781681193717
(Age: 7+) Recommended. The Wishing Wings is the first instalment in a new series. The lead character is Addie, a young girl. Moving to a new house and a new town can be scary but Addie is brave. She is brave enough to chase her beloved dog, Pepper, into the woods when he escapes. Unknowing to her, Addie was being watched by a butterfly princess. Sky Dancer and her butterfly kingdom need help and Sky Dancer has chosen Addie to help her. A magical enchantment has caused problems with the newly born butterflies. When born, the new butterflies need to grant a wish for a human child to help the butterfly get its colours. The enchantment has made the new butterflies scared and unable to grant a wish. Who would place such a terrible enchantment? Can Addie and her sister help save the butterfly kingdom?
The Wishing Wings is a lovely story promoting bravery and helping others. The girls are strong minded and ready for an adventure despite big changes in their lives. Sky Dancer is will to fight for her home and her family. They are wonderful role models for young girls. The story is easy to read and moves quickly, making it an engaging read. Readers will want to find out what happens next as well as see what other adventures Addie and Sky Dancer get into.
The Wishing Wings is recommended for readers aged 7+.
Kylie Kempster