Coco the big city kitty by Laura Bunting

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Illus. by Nicky Johnston. Scholastic Australia, 2020. ISBN: 9781743834602.
(Age: 5-10) Recommended. Coco is a born to the city kitty cat who just loves the hustle and bustle of the world around her. Her favourite colour is pink, she loves ballet, she is always dressed in a tutu and she hates bugs (even butterflies). We learn so much about Coco and her big city life in the first instalment of this new series that she quickly becomes a vivid character. She loves crafting and creating, is polite and enthusiastic and is super organised (a list-maker). Her life in the city is full of action, noise and excitement but everything is orderly and controlled. A perfectly, perfect life. So, how will Coco react when her parents break the news that they are moving to the country? Coco is distraught; she loves her life in the city and the countryside will be full of bugs! But pack up they do, and 'as they drove out of the city, Coco looked back and felt a pang in her chest, like someone was pulling her heart with a rubber band'. She has so many questions and so many worries about her new life, but when the countryside greets them with a beautiful rainbow Coco can't help but be hopeful - 'just so long as there were no bugs.'
In Coco, Laura Bunting has created a rich and endearing character and Nicky Johnston's sweet, charming and warm illustrations help to bring her and her beautiful world to life. This is a gorgeous new series that perfectly bridges the gap between picture book and early reader. It will be adored by lovers of Ruby Red Shoes, ballet, fluffy kitty cats and the colour pink. Themes: City and Country, Moving House.
Nicole Nelson