Liars: The truth app by Jack Heath

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Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781743817766
(Age: 13+) Highly recommended. Themes: Cybersecurity; Adventure; Crime; Conspiracy. Jarli is a coding Whiz-kid who has just developed a 'Truth-detecting' app and released the code for assessment by others and it instantly created waves around the world. The interest didn't just come from the fellow app-developing community and the impact of the app made him the target of lots of unwelcome attention. At the same time, his father also seems to have big problems. The attempt on their lives when a car barrels into them after Parent-Teacher interviews demonstrates that their world has been plunged into dangerous territory, and everything has lost its standard stability. And there is no way anyone can lie to cover their tracks because the app will reveal every untruth! This early chaos then escalates further in a race to protect family and friends in an adventure that occurs at an intense pace. The tech-savvy action is akin to a conspiracy thriller involving teenagers.
Every teen will love this action adventure. There is never a dull moment and everything moves with roller-coaster intensity. Readers will be desperate to find out 'who, what or why', and there will be more in the series!
Highly recommended for readers aged 13+
Carolyn Hull