No one likes a fart by Zoe Foster Blake

cover image

Illus. by Adam Nickel. Penguin, 2019. ISBN: 9780143794493.
Hardback Book and Plush Toy Box Set. Have you ever wondered if a fart could teach you about friendship? Well, if that's you then look no further than No one likes a fart by Zoe Foster-Blake! In all seriousness, I did wonder how a story with a fart for the main character could help me discuss friendship and differences with my child. BUT . . . I was wrong to wonder. This story actually did those things! It tells of Fart who doesn't really belong anywhere because he smells and is different to everyone else, and no one wants to be his friend. He can't find the friend he desperately wants until he comes across Burp; all stinky, just like him! He finally (after lots of trying) finds a bestest friend who likes him just the way he is.
The illustrations by Adam Nickel have a retro feel about them, with colours such as brown, baby poo green, orange and black outlines.
I will admit that this book will probably only appeal to children who appreciate the word fart and its stinky aftermath. Those who find the whole scenario off-putting are best to steer clear of this one.
Fortunately for me, my youngest (who is well taught by her sibling) loves toilet humour so found this story amusing. She also thought the soft plush 'Fart' (as part of the gift pack) was a hilarious addition, but 'if it made a noise that would be better'.
All in all I liked how this book could be used purely as a picture book, but also as the gateway to a discussion about accepting others and also the concept that the world is not always a nice place. A great start for Zoe Foster-Blake as she dives in to the picture book world after a successful run in the adult fiction zone.
Lauren Fountain