Happily ever after: Little Red Riding Hood ill. by Celeste Hulme

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New Frontier Publishing, 2016. ISBN 9781925059564
(Ages: 4-8) This is exactly what it says: a version of Little Red Riding Hood that ends happily! The story begins the same way as in most versions of the story, with Little Red Riding Hood setting out across the woods to take her sick grandmother a tasty treat. 'Don't talk to strangers' her mother warns. The illustration on this page shows a clever bird's eye view of the long path to Grandma's house, which winds past the wolf's lair. The potential for talking to young children about stranger danger is made clear as Little Red Riding Hood disregards her mother's advice, not only talking to the wolf, but giving him directions to her grandmother's house. 'I will run fast through the woods and meet you there. I would like to see if your grandma is feeling better' says the wolf. A bird's eye view is used again, showing the wolf's shadow looming large over tiny Grandma huddled in her bed. The iconic scene where the wolf pretends to be Grandma goes just as expected but Little Red Riding Hood somehow manages to open the cupboard door, releasing Grandma and the avalanche of things in the cupboard! The wolf looks injured and the reader is told he is never seen again. There are some large passages of text and the ending seems a little peculiar, but the language is relatively simple and the story flows well, making it an appealing version of a traditional tale, especially for children who are more sensitive.
Nicole Nelson