The world’s most pointless animals by Philip Bunting

cover image

The world’s most pointless animals written and illustrated by Philip Bunting is his latest release that readers will find filled with both comical and fascinating facts. The appealing cover of the book asks the question: 'The world’s most pointless animals. *or are they?' There is a detailed contents page with reference to more than seventy animals. Each creature discussed is drawn in a simple pastel true Philip Bunting style and is surrounded by handwritten labels that are both informative and amusing. As well as the labelled diagram of the animal there are segments of text with interesting and quirky facts to build upon the labelled information. Children will be able to find out some very unusual and possibly unknown facts such as the adult mayfly has no mouth, the male sugar glider gets a bald spot, or the parrotfish poops up to 400kg of sand per year. In Philip Bunting’s well-known humorous approach, he has crossed out the animal’s scientific name and replaced it with his own version. For example, the Guinea pig’s scientific name is Cavia Porcellus, but the author has called it Squeakius fuzzballi. For those children who are writing information reports this will be a perfect resource. While searching for information, the clever use of humour will engage the reader and encourage the successful completion of the report.

This highly entertaining book will be one which both adults and children will return to time and time again. A welcome addition to home, school or public library.

Themes: Humour, Animals, Facts.

Kathryn Beilby