Star League Series by H. J. Harper

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Random House Australia, 2011.
Robot Reboot (Book 6), Box Office Smash (Book 7), The Final Cut (Book 8).
(Age 8 - 12 years) These 3 books continue the story of 6 young characters that all possess a different superpower. As The Star League they battle evil, especially their arch enemy Professor Pestilence. The leader of the group is Jay who is a movie star in his daily life. In each chapter a different character from the group tells a part of the story, this includes Connor a werewolf, Asuka a Ninja, Roger a zombie, S.A.M. a robot, Leigh an animancer and of course Jay. There are black and white illustrations throughout the book that add to the understanding of the story.
Robot Reboot, concentrates on the character S.A.M. the robot, Box Office Smash introduces the Shadow Six, 6 evil kids with superpowers, while The Final Cut reveals information about Jay's long lost parents.
These quick reads are full of excitement and action and will appeal to 8 to 10 year olds and older reluctant readers.
Jane Moore