You’ve got yoghurt in your nostrils by Bethany May Clark and Sara Acton

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Debut South Australian author Bethany Clark has written a delightful rhyming picture book exploring the fun and often messy experience of baby’s first foods. Each busy page is beautifully illustrated by Sara Acton and shows baby having a great deal of enjoyment with all sorts of different foods. Within this engaging book, each pair of four-lined rhyming stanzas are broken up by two short singsong three-lined stanzas with a clever surprise twist at the end.

You’ve got yoghurt in your nostrils,
avocado-smeared hair,
bacon in your bellybutton,
and toast crusts on your chair. 

You’ve got egg all down your elbow,
pumpkin between your toes,
ricotta on your knee bone,
and spaghetti….who knows! 

Learning to eat is such a massive feat-
for a tiny baby,
whose fingers work, maybe! 

Learning to eat is such a messy treat-
squash it on your fingers,
throw it on the timbers!

Those readers who have experienced the pleasure of introducing new foods to their baby or toddler will love sharing this wonderful picture book with their own children or gifting it to new or soon-to-be parents. A very entertaining read.

Themes: Babies, Food Experiences, Family.

Kathryn Beilby