Eloise by Judy Finnigan

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Little, Brown, 2012, 369 pgs., p/b. ISBN: 9781847445520.
(Age: Senior secondary - adult) Eloise died from breast cancer, no big mystery there, or is there? Eloise is the debut novel from Judy Finnigan, a television presenter, columnist and Book Club founder. Cathy felt there was something wrong about her best friend, Eloise's death. Although Eloise had been terminally ill with breast cancer her death was still very sudden. She was well on the morning of her death. However, as Eloise had been terminally ill with cancer there seemed no need for a post mortem. Juliana, Eloise's mum, also thinks her daughter's sudden death was strange. The two were very close and Eloise would have wanted her mother with her when this happened. Juliana also thought Ted, Eloise's husband was a gold digger.
Eloise is set in Cornwall, England and it is only when she is back in Cornwall that Eloise haunts Cathy. Cathy has disturbing dreams and nightmares almost every night and in her dreams, Eloise is begging Cathy to protect her 5 year old twin daughters. When Cathy tells Chris, her psychiatrist husband about her suspicions, he thinks Cathy is being delusional. Because Cathy had been diagnosed with mental health problems in the past, Chris believes she is losing her grip on reality again.
I found this book an easy and captivating read. The setting in Cornwall, especially the Moors provided an excellent mysterious and eerie atmosphere for this story. I would recommend this book to people who like supernatural mysteries.
Michelle Thomson