A House of Night novel: Revealed by P.C. & Kristin Cast

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Atom, 2013. ISBN 9780349001739.
Popular paranormal romance series A House of Night continues with its eleventh instalment Revealed. Written in alternating view points P.C and Kristen Cast continue from where they left off in Hidden and showcase the main antagonist's (Neferet) return to power. Major themes include the importance of unity, friendship and trust. Teenage fans of paranormal romance may enjoy this novel.
Defeated by Zoey and her circle, Neferet manages to manifest her consciousness into spiders. Power hungry and immortal Neferet gives herself over to her vampyre hunger and drains the Mayor of Tulsa (who happens to be Aphrodite's father) of his lifeblood leaving his body devoid of life before fleeing the scene. Uncovered by his wife, the mayor's death brings the House of Night to a standstill and their already tenuous alliance with the humans of Tulsa wavers once more. Lessons suspended until further notice, every vampyre and fledgling is a suspect to murder. Unfortunately Zoey and her circle know better, the work of Neferet is all too familiar but there is no evidence for the Tulsa community. Zoey is stressing over the murder while her circle is disrupted by the constant threat of Dallas and his school yard cronies who are all the more dangerous now that Erin, Dallas' girlfriend rejected the change. The drama continues for Zoey when she begins to see more and more of Heath's soul in Aurox (Heath was the lost lover) and Stark is becoming jealous of Aurox/Heath and demands that Zoey stay well away. With all the stresses of being an unusually gifted High Priestess Zoey is bound to crack. But when she does, what will the repercussions be?
Kayla Gaskell (Student)