Salvation Lost by Peter F. Hamilton

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Salvation Sequence Book 2. Pan Macmillan, 2019. ISBN: 9781447281368. 896pp.
This is a book only for extreme devotees of Science Fiction who enjoy considering where the world and humanity might be heading in the 23rd Century. Combining astro-physics, space travel through portals, recreated earth-like geodomes, aliens, robotic-human hybrids as well as technology that defies description, there is a complication on every page that the author has managed to describe using a vocabulary that is technical, futuristic and extremely complex. With war looming with the Olyix, strategies and alliances must be created to save humanity and keep everything on a path to survival. Along the way there are strange relationships, medical advances that are extreme (including augmentations for sexual prowess), longevity that requires considerable enhancements and forces and powers that are entangled and complex.
This is not a book for the faint-hearted! Nor can I comfortably recommend it to anyone other than the Physics-engrossed Sci-fi fan who desires a book that crosses warfare with Space solutions into the future, and can grapple with explanations that would test their University Science knowledge. Despite that, it seems that there are people in the world who are clamouring for this kind of fiction, and Peter F. Hamilton is the master. Themes: Science Fiction; Speculative and futuristic fiction; Space travel; Robotics; Aliens; Alien Invasion.
Carolyn Hull