Macca's makeover by Matt Cosgrove

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Scholastic Australia, 2019. ISBN: 9781760669195. hbk.
(Age: 4-8) Highly recommended. Themes: Alpacas, Self-perception, Individuality. The Macca the Alpaca has been a very popular series with children and adults of all ages. This is the fifth book and I think it is the best yet.
Macca the Alpaca looks at his friends and wishes he could be as cool as they are. He goes to each of them to try to work out their secrets and tries a few things to emulate their cool looks - a new hairdo, some cool accessories or maybe a gym body? Nothing seems to suit Macca and his friends step in to assure him he is cool just being himself, a very good message for everyone. Children really identify with Macca as he navigates the world around him, and I hope this series continues to grow as I think the books all have a great message.
The rhyming in the story is lots of fun and the story provides such a wonderful variety of vocabulary for all the things Macca tries to achieve. The clever, colourful illustrations keep the children giggling as you read and is perfect as a book to be shared with classes across the Primary school.
Gabrielle Anderson