Poppy, the punk turtle by Aleesah Darlison. Illus. by Mel Matthews

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Poppy, the Punk Turtle is the second story in the multi-book Endangered Animal Tales series which will focus on many of Australia’s most susceptible creatures. These Mary River turtles have been nicknamed Punk turtles as they have an algae mohawk and spikes under their chin. They live in freshwater near the Mary River in south-eastern Queensland.

The story begins with an introduction to Poppy and her attributes - the most important one being, which children will love, that she is a bum-breathing turtle! Poppy begins a journey to find a safe place to live as her habitat is threatened by humans, animals and pollution. She finally finds a new home on the river and along the way the reader learns all about Poppy’s species. The story is enhanced perfectly by the bright and colourful illustrations as well as a key fact shared on many of the pages. On the final page is a map of Australia with more interesting facts to share as well as a detailed diagram of these very special turtles.

This is a perfect book for sharing with children. Early Years teachers and students could use this book as a resource for writing an information report as it clearly gives simple facts about features, diet, habitat, predators as well as other fascinating facts. A very welcome addition to a school or public library.

Themes: Endangered Animals, Australia, Punk Turtles.

Kathryn Beilby