I'm not dying with you tonight by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal

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New to town, Campbell gets roped into staffing the concession stand at her new high school's Friday night football game. Lena is only there to support her girls and their dance crew at half time. Turns out it's the wrong night for everyone, as a fight breaks out in the line to the concession stand, and chaos ensues. Chaos born from race tensions, violence and hate. The suddenness of the chaos throws Lena and Campbell together, even though they are opposites. They aren't friends, but to get through the night, they have to rely on each other. And the night is only just starting.

A collaboration of Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal, this book is written from the perspectives of both Lena and Campbell. Full of detailed drama, pop culture references and relatable characters, the book is well written. This story accurately depicts how assumptions can impact the way people interact with each other, and how relationships can be forged through understanding and joint experience. With race relations becoming more noticed and mainstream through movements and media coverage in America, this book takes a look at it through the eyes of two female teenagers. Fast paced, with plenty of action, the entire novel takes place over the span of one night. Readers will get through the book quickly due to the easy flow between the two characters perspectives. It would be enjoyed by fans of The Hate U Give, or a good book for a class to review in regards to race, social justice and race relations.

Themes: Contemporary, Race Relations, Race Tensions, Social Justice, Danger/Safety, Relationships.

Melanie Pages