Misguided Angel by Melissa de la Cruz

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A Blue Bloods novel. Little Brown, 2010. ISBN 9781905654758.
Misguided Angel was at first a bit strange as it was part of a series, then I began to understand it more as I read the book.
When Schuyler and Jack (Mimi's brother) run away from the coven in New York to find the gate of promise, they run into a lot more trouble then they expected. They have Venators chasing after them and Nephilim, child of Croatan and Red Blood taunting them. Schuyler and Jack go to extremes to find the missing people taken by the Croatan, but they are lead to places and trapped.
Back in New York, where the coven is, there are mysterious murders and emails, threats of separation and a lot of sadness and stress to the coven and families.
When the murderer is still undiscovered and more Blue Bloods go missing from the coven, they send in a new Venator from Singapore, Deming, the death angel. Deming goes into a lot of research to find the murderer and goes on death walks. When they are all too late, Deming has lost the love of her life (her bond mate) and the victims.
Misguided Angel is a fast moving, exciting but thrilling book with lots of death and vampires. It has a theme of thrill, harm, vampires, humans, mystery and magic. Its imagery sets a scene in your mind because the author goes into great details. The word building was beautifully structured and atmospheric.
The book is set in New York and Italy and its surroundings.
It is a very unique book to me as it was kind of confusing because it jumped from one place to another. One minute I was reading about Schuyler and Jack in Italy, then next I was reading about Mimi and the coven back in New York, and it kept shifting points of view.
I would recommend this book for young adults and teenagers who love reading about the fantasy world and mythical creatures. I would definitely read Misguided Angel again as I found it a great read.
Tayla Pollard