Hal Junior: The missing case by Simon Haynes

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Bowman Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-877034-25-1.
(Age: Middle to upper primary) Hal Junior returns in another space adventure. This time he has to entertain a visiting VIP's daughter while her father negotiates the future of  Space Station Oberon.
As usual, Hal finds himself in trouble while trying to impress Alex.
Alex has promised to look after her father's briefcase, which holds important documents pertaining to the space station's future, but unfortunately this finds its way into the rubbish.  Hal and Alex become involved with the space station recycling centre and an aggressive robot that hates to part with his recycling property.
This science fiction story is aimed at middle to upper primary school students. As I have stated before Hal Junior books do not have attractive jackets and I feel that this will influence their appeal to children.
Jane Moore