Extreme Planet: Journey to the Earth's core by Emily Bone. Illus. by Rodrigo Cordeiro

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From crust to core, dig down and uncover the amazing things deep inside the Earth.

This book takes you on a fascinating journey deep inside the Earth. From the rocky, moving plates that make up the surface, to the core hotter than the Sun, lift the flaps to discover what explodes out of volcanoes, how nearly everything we use each day comes from under the ground, how digging down can take you back in time, and even where the water we drink comes from.

Using a lift-the=flap format and a first-person narrative , this is an intriguing book for both the young reader who just wants to know what's underneath their feet as well as the one who wants some new avenues to explore. Used in conjunction with the Usborne Quicklinks which accompany it, readers can develop a sound awareness of the structure of the planet, and its changing landscapes and land shapes. More mature readers might like to venture onto the Jules Verne classic  Journey to the Centre of the Earth while others might like to explore the companion volumes, The Deep or the upcoming Journey Across the Arctic.

Whichever direction they choose, this book has the potential to open up new horizons.

Barbara Braxton