Blade of shattered hope by James Dashner

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13th Reality series. Scholastic, 2018 (Originally published: 2008. ISBN 9781742998381
(Age: 12+) Highly recommended. Themes: Adventure. Science fiction. Fantasy. Challenge. This is the third book in the 13th Reality series and all books are equally compelling. Atticus Higginbottom (aka Tick) is plunged again into the need to harness his knowledge of Quantum Physics and his incredible personal force linked to the Chi'karda (the force that controls quantum physics) to rescue the world and his family from certain disaster and from Mistress Jane (his nemesis from a previous book). And he may even be needed to prevent total annihilation! After meeting the Haunce and coming face to face with all the energy and memory of lives and memories past and present, he realises that much depends on him. With considerable help from his friends on the side of the good of all realities, Tick must face the challenge head on, and there are no guarantees that he will survive. With earthquakes of stupendous magnitude and destruction and strange creatures to contend with, everything about this book reeks of tension. Tick's comrade for good, Sato, makes a return in this book and must play a pivotal role in rescuing the innocents who were to be potential instruments in Mistress Jane's plans to reimagine the realities.
James Dashner certainly knows how to write an exciting science fiction fantasy. Young readers will be keen to read the next book in the series too as there is still more to be done! The elements of science are woven through the narrative, with genetic recombination and Quantum physics part of this book in the 13th Reality series. But this story will also appeal to lovers of pure fantasy eg the Harry Potter series and Tolkien's work because there are similar features with youthful characters having to be the rescuing heroes, harnessing powerful elements and overcoming great adversity along the way.
Highly recommended for readers aged 12+
Carolyn Hull