Tiger Warrior: Attack of the Dragon King by M. Chan

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Nine chapters of high-octane adventure begin with an action-packed Prologue set in the Jade Kingdom. Simultaneously in our realm, Jack’s aging grandfather, Yeye, unwittingly believes it is a good time to pass the Jade coin onto his grandson, effectively anointing him the next Tiger Warrior. The coin not only enables Jack to travel to and from the Jade realm but allows him to harness and ultimately commune with the superpowers of each of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac – particularly the Tiger.

With minimal practice in transforming and accessing powers such as the Tiger’s firebombs, the Ox’s strength, the Snake’s invisibility, the Rooster’s ability to fly etc. Jack is encouraged to go and explore the Jade Kingdom. Upon materializing there, he quickly learns that the Jade Emperor has been imprisoned under Mystic Mountain by the Dragon King. Aided by Li (the emperor’s daughter/magical Phoenix) this first day on the job is a baptism by fire.  

Jack is by birth the new Tiger Warrior, but he relies on his magic and martial arts video game expertise more in the beginning to help Li battle the Dragon King and his minions – no doubt a welcome message about the practical usefulness of gaming. 

Will he be any help in freeing the Jade Emperor? Will he make Yeye proud, as the new Tiger Warrior?  All answered questions for young readers who will be turning pages faster than a Ninja. Author and Chinese Englishman, M. Chan has concocted a uniquely stimulating text for an early/middle school reader – particularly boys. With Jack transforming into powerful Zodiac animals and battling the various dragons unleashed by the Dragon King, we remain on the edge of our proverbial seats until the final scenes.  Highly recommend Vol 1, in what promises to be an extremely popular adventure series in the league of those written by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson) and the various authors known collectively as Adam Blade. (Beast Quest)

Themes: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Family, Chinese Zodiac.

Deborah Robins