Funny Kid Snowballs by Matt Stanton

cover image

Snowballs, written and illustrated by Matt Stanton is the thirteenth book in the Funny Kid series, and delivers a snowstorm of laughter and heart in this hilarious adventure. Readers will not be disappointed, as they are taken on a wild escapade in the snow-capped mountains, blending humour with valuable life lessons.

The story follows Max, aka the Funny Kid, on a winter getaway with his family and friends. He is fixated with finding happiness, which he believes is achieved through having money, and then when he falls madly in love with Kirby, a ski lift operator who is four years older than him, further chaos ensues.

Max is supposed to be looking after his friend Hugo, but when Hugo embarks on his own quest for happiness, their friendship pathways divide. Max is left fixating over money and pursuing his ‘true love’. Without Duck and Hugo to talk to, Max is left being assisted with the unlikely help of Abby. Will Max discover the true meaning of happiness and rectify his friendship, or will everything snowball out of control?

Snowballs is filled with awesome black and white cartoon illustrations; each perfectly complementing the story's zany tone. These illustrations add depth to the audience’s engagement level and enhance the comedic elements to immerse readers in Max's wacky world.

The presentation of the novel, with clear font and extra wide line spacing enables an easy read and should appeal to everyone, even those reluctant readers. This is a highly engaging, well planned layout and will hit the mark for anyone who loves lots of laugh out loud moments and a fast-paced storyline. Stanton strikes the perfect balance between humour and heart, creating a story that is as touching as it is hilarious.

Funny Kid is an awesome series that is filled with entertainment and regular side-splitting moments. Snowballs will have everyone laughing and enjoying another one of the Funny Kid's escapades!

Themes: Humour, Friendship, Values, Family, Skiing.

Michelle O'Connell