Muncle Trogg by Janet Foxley

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Illustrated by Steven Wells. Scholastic 2011 ISBN 978 1 906427 03 0
(Ages 10+) Humour, Warmly recommended. Muncle, son of the Trogg family, giants who live in top of Mount Grumble, is picked on mercilessly because of his size. He's about to leave school, after the compulsory five years, but is no bigger than a Smalling, the creatures that live outside the mountain, the enemies of the giants. His brother, Gritt, is normal size and is desperate to join the Titan Gang at school, run by the school's nastiest bully, Titan.
On a school excursion to the Palace, Muncle meets the Wise Man, who gives Muncle some Smalling clothes to try on. He shows the class one of the treasures of their museum, a book, which contains magic from the Smallings, but as no one can read and write in this kingdom, it is useless. But the Wise Man has an idea after dressing Muncle, and takes him away for lunch. So begins an extraordinary adventure for Muncle. He goes in disguise to the Smalling land and there helps a dragon return to Mount Grumble, learning to fly the creature on his return. Everyone is impressed with the adventures of Muncle, so new things await him at the Palace.
A fun book which will appeal to middle primary people looking for something a little unusual.
Fran Knight